iDOGI Awards – Terms and Conditions



The iDOGI Awards is open to any design professional which includes interior designers, interior architects and architects.

An entry will be eligible even though the submitting architect/interior designer is not the sole author of the project.

Projects by any present and past editions iDOGI Awards jury member (or that jury member’s firm, regardless of location), past editions finalists and winners (honorary mentions included) are not eligible for 5 years.

iDOGI reserves the right to refuse submissions and entrants to the awards ceremonies.




1. Residential Project Over 1,000 sqm (10,000 sqf)

This is the premium category of residential interior design projects. It focuses on classical interior design and the wow factor of residential projects on properties over 1.000 sqm (10.000 sqf).

Projects can include a part or the whole property.


2. Residential Project Under 1,000 sqm (10,000 sqf)

This category focuses on classical interior design projects on properties under 1.000 sqm (10.000 sqf).

Projects can include a part or the whole house or apartment.


3. Hotel Public Space Design

This category is dedicated exclusively to public spaces within classical hotel interiors. Entries can include a full or part refurbishment, both new builds and restoration projects and should show high levels of creativity and innovation. Projects can include lobbies, spa’s, ballrooms and meeting rooms.


The deadline for submitting entries for the iDOGI Awards is different year after year and it is specified in the Call for Entry.



Number of submissions allowed: 1 for any design professional

By submitting his project, any design professional agrees and accepts to be present at the Awards Ceremony if selected among the finalists.


Original Work

All projects entered must not be more than 5 years old at the moment of submission and must be completed before the submission.


Submission Process

All entries need to be completed online and in English via the iDOGI Awards website or email to . You will need to submit a PPT and images for your submission, as follows:

- a PPT including text and up to 10 images. The images should follow the text within the PPT and not exceed 10 MB. The text should be no more than 400 words which clearly includes a description about your project.  The description should include:

  • the brief from the client
  • the process undertaken and how the project met the brief
  • the products and techniques used

- the images used in the PPT will also need to be supplied separately in accordance with the Image Requirements and Specifications as here below. A selection of images may be used for a general presentation of the project in the Awards’ brochures and during the iDOGI Awards Event and Ceremony.

  • Images have not to include the logo of the company as the projects will be sent to the jury in     anonymous format
  • Image Requirements for PPT presentation: Maximum 10 pages with images per submission. Each page can have one single image or be composited by maximum two separate photographs to make one image
  • Image Specification: Jpeg images (min. size 3000px x 2000px – 200 dpi)

- a 150 word description is required. This should be a brief overview of the project and written in the third person e.g. Company A designed this residential project located in the heart of New York. This description is not shown to the judges and not published on media without written permission.

iDOGI reserves the right to edit the text for a general presentation of the project in the Awards’ brochures and presentation.



A panel of judges, representing a broad range of design skills and connections, will choose and announce the finalist projects 30 days before the Awards event.


Announcing the Winners

The finalists will be announced 30 days before the Awards to let them the time to organize their participation at the Awards Ceremony.

The winners will be announced and presented at the iDOGI Awards Ceremony.

To see the 2017 award winners, click here


Winner’s Obligations

The jury will select 1 winner for each category.

By submitting his project any design professional agrees and accepts to be presented at the Awards Ceremony if selected among the finalists.

All the written and oral presentations have to be done in English.



The three winners (one for each category) will be refunded of their Return Ticket from the design professional city to Venice (no.1 return flight in economy class for each winning Studio) and will receive the iDOGI Awards Glass Trophy.

All the finalist studios will receive by iDOGI room and board hospitality during their stay in Venice in the dates of the Awards (n.1 double room for each studio).


Accuracy and Copyrights

iDOGI is not responsible for incorrect information provided on entry forms that misrepresents the copyright of original ownership of ideas. iDOGI assumes that all entries are original and are the works and property of the entrant, with all rights granted there-in. iDOGI is not liable for violations of any third-party rights, including, but not limited to, claims of copyright, trademark, patent infringement, defamation, trade secrets, or trade dress on the part of the entrant.

iDOGI assumes that all images provided with entries are free of any third-party rights.

iDOGI reserves the right to move the received entries into a different category.

By entering this competition you agree to abide by these rules and you warrant and represent that (i) your entry is your original work, (ii) you have sufficient rights to the material you are submitting, these rights have been legally obtained and created, and (iv) publication of the material via various media will not infringe on any third party rights, including without limitation contractual rights, intellectual property rights, publicity and privacy rights, and rights against libel, defamation, and slander.



iDOGI – About us


iDOGI® is an Italian company founded in 1968 in Venice, specialized in the realization of oversize artistic chandeliers, luminous tables and other special artistic creations (fountains, sofas, vanities and - World Premiere at Salone del Mobile. Milano 2018 – baluster with luminous columns in pure crystal) to adorn the top luxury palaces and mansions around the world.

Unique masterpieces, fully hand-made, designed and produced as a team with the most prestigious architects and designers.

IDOGI® has always stood out for its first vocation to make extraordinary and majestic furnishing items. Today, its exclusive creations receive worldwide acclaim by strikingly bringing together ancient local glassmaking traditions with a creative drive for making beauty in its most varied forms.

The iconic extra-large chandeliers are composed by thousands of Murano blown glass elements, clear and polychrome.

During the production process many of the pieces are decorated with 24K gold leaf melted into the glass: this enriches them with warm and precious reflections.

It starts out with an attentive study of the space in which the creation will be housed, taking into consideration all the aspects of the project with particular care to the tastes and wishes of the Clients. Models, sizes, colors…everything is considered to enhance the settings where architecture, furnishings and accessories must be perfectly coordinated to create elegant and refined atmospheres.

Murano blown glass, cut crystal, precious metals and semi-precious stones, hand-made details with 24K gold leaves; true masterpieces that express the invaluable “Made in Italy” label as the timeless symbol and guarantee of taste and style.

Over 95% of I Dogi “works of light art” are exported all over the world.

Luxurious chandeliers have been installed in pride of place in New Delhi's Leela Palace and Imperial Hotel, along with other prestigious items for residences in other countries, where the richness of the materials and superb manufacturing quality have gained unanimous appreciation, like in old times.


See attachment.



iDOGI 50th Anniversary (1968-2018) – a fascinating family history


iDogi - 50th Anniversary



DOGI® was founded in 1968 in Venice by Francesca Macor, mother of current president, Domenico Caminiti, as a craft company that decorated and finished valuable Murano glass items.

When deciding on the name of the new venture, Francesca and her husband Antonio decided to dedicate it to their two young sons. The first letters of their names – DOmenico and GIuseppe – were used to form “DOGI”.  By fortuitous coincidence, the name in Italian means “Doges”, or the elected heads of Venice’s Serenissima Republic from 697 to 1797.

Thus, the name was and is just perfect for a company with such close ties to Venice, the lagoon and traditional craft works.

The company’s result were promising from the outset and it works received much acclaim for their quality and excellence, also for the courage expressed in creating increasingly original items.

In 1968, Francesca and Antonio decided to protect the DOGI® brand by registering it for the first time with the patents and trademarks office in Rome.

More recently, in 2012, Domenico Caminiti purchased Industria Veneziana Lampadari, historical company specialized in making refined chandeliers and which was also destined for renown and appreciation.

The union of these two companies has given further momentum to iDOGI®, projecting it to ever more ambitious goals in the international arena.

iDOGI® is today famous in the world for its designing and creating exclusive artistic chandeliers, extra-large luminous tables and other special creations, fully handmade, to adorn the world’s most prestigious residences and locations.

1968-2018: a wonderful story of half a century of passion, creativity and excellence.


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Salone del Mobile Milano 2018 – New products


At Salone del Mobile.Milano 2018 iDOGI presents:

CALYPSO - oversized chandelier

QUADRANTE - luminous table

COSTANTINOPOLI - luminous table




Dimensions: diam. 220x340h. cm.

Chandelier 45 lights.

Metal structure with 24K gold finish.

Clear Murano glass, gold and details in aquamarine color.

This majestic chandelier is composed by more than 2,000 elements hand-made.


Costantinopoli Table

Dimensions: diam. 200x80h. cm.

Table 6 lights.

Metal structure with 24K gold finish.

Hand-cut crystal.

Quadrante Table

Dimensions: 480x140x80h cm.

Metal structure with chrome finish.

Clear luminous columns in hand-cut crystal.



Salone del Mobile Milano 2018 – World Premiere


Celebrating the 50th Anniversary from the foundation (1968-2018), at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2018, iDOGI® is excited to announce the World Premiere of a new concept for the most luxury interiors:




Created to highlight the greatness of lavish grand stairs in luxurious palaces and mansions all around the world, the exclusive design of this new concept amazes the viewer beyond the records.

Every single column is entirely handmade and it proves the obsessive care for detailing, expressing an uncompromising excellence.

The facets of crystals create endless reflections and light up the space from the columns' inside to the outside, creating spectacular games of refraction all around the surrounding context.

Art and light blend into this unique work and the atmosphere becomes enchanting.

Extraordinary luxury for extraordinary people.


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