Handmade and fully@customized

Fine Italian craftsmanship at the service of excellence.

From custom chandeliers to one-of-a-kind décor features, iDOGI® creations are works of art that celebrate the unique style of exceptional people.
iDOGI tranforms dreams into reality through the commitment and skill of talented craftspeople. As guardians of ancient Venetian glass making traditions, iDOGI artisans are renowned as the masters of hand-blown glass chandeliers.

Each masterpiece tells a story.

Each project is an alluring tale of tradition, beauty, and culture.
Dreams and desires made possible by the hands, eyes, and collective experiences of iDOGI artisans.
iDOGI heritage has solidified the ability to provide flexibility during product development. From handmade chandeliers to luminous walls and fountains, iDOGI assists each client in expressing their uniqueness through tailormade glass and crystal creations.