Spectacular with artistic luminous columns in pure crystal.

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary from the foundation (1968-2018), at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2018,

iDOGI® is excited to announce the world premiere of a new concept for the most luxury interiors.

Every single column is entirely handmade and it proves the obsessive care for detailing, expressing an uncompromising excellence.

The facets of crystals create endless reflections and light up the space from the columns’ inside to the outside, creating spectacular games of refraction all around the surrounding context.

Art and light blend into this unique work and the atmosphere becomes enchanting.

Extraordinary luxury for extraordinary people.

Palace in@Jeddah

Elegance and refined taste are the main pillars of this gorgeous private residence in Saudi Arabia.

The warm amber and gold reflections of these exclusive chandeliers in hand blown glass enhances the precious decors of the palace.

Beautiful details enhanced and hand decorated with pure liquid 24k gold by our decorators, to prove the careful attention to any tiny detail.

Each of our creation has been thought to confer uniqueness and value.

This graceful and elegant work of art, completely created in clear blown glass, is the main protagonist in an environment of great charm and personality.

The most fantastic characteristic of these chandeliers is their incredible richness: they break forth into the air and enhances the environment with their presence.


True hospitality is a delicate balance of warmth and form.
Be inspired by some of our exclusive masterpieces.

The elegance and class of these creations make them perfect for the best luxurious interiors.

The allure of transparencies.

A warm welcome with a bunch of beautiful luminous coloured glass flowers under the crystal top of the table.

Classic inspirations for timeless luxury.


"Beauty is everywhere a welcome guest. " (J. W. von Goethe)

Enjoy some of our creations.

Murano blown glass, cut crystal, semiprecious stones such as malachite, lapis lazuli, amethist and rock crystal are just some of the materials we use to turn your dreams into art creations.

Detail with gold leaves 24k, malachite and preciuos art engravings on the crystal top.


Icons of tradition and modernity for a timeless style.

Exclusive elegance in a vibrant and sparkling hand-cutted crystals and mirrors consolle.

From the inspiration of the myth of the Hercules’ Columns, this superlative, gorgeous collection with monumental luminous columns has the name of “Ercole”.

Sculpture of light. Brilliant and sparkling pillars with luminous spheres in handcutted crystal.


Glass and crystal are the precious elements of our impressive water fountains, specially and individually designed to make your mansion even more exclusive.

Water features in precious glass sculpture for the most extraordinary interiors.

An exalting of water, the source of life.


Art meets art.
iDOGI® creations protagonists in the international movie sets.

Giant chandelier, specially designed and developed by iDOGI® for the movie “Allied” (“Five Seconds of Silence”) directed by Oscar-Winning Director Robert Zemeckis, starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard, Paramount Pictures 2017.

Artistic chandeliers of the film set, specially designed and developed by iDOGI® for the movie “The Best Offer” (directed by Oscar-Winning Director Giuseppe Tornatore) starring Geoffrey Rush, Donald Sutherland, Jim Sturgess and Sylvia Hoeks, Warner Bros 2013.

Scene from “The Best Offer”.


For your best moments, iDOGI® full concept Living, where beauty, elegance and confort convey together.

Luxury, exclusive and confortable. What else?

The type of finishing determines the essential qualities that distinguish high-end creations from the rest. Details make the difference.

“Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.” (B.T. Washington)


iDOGI® Spa.

Superlative beauty for truly very special wellness moments.

Magnificent work of art to celebrate the top luxury lifestyle.

Solid and somptuous monument of light.

Where dreams begin…


Water, glass and light come together in high impact solutions for prestigious bathroom décor.

Unique engraved backlighted glass top to create wonder and magic.

The hand cut details emphasise the brightness of the precious crystal elements.

The allure of gold.