Special creations


Glass and crystal are the precious elements of our impressive water fountains, specially and individually designed to make your mansion even more exclusive.

“Royal Palace” Fountain.

A monumental fountain in precious crystal and artistic glass, where light, water and colours merge in a fairytale choreography.

“Royal Palace” Fountain
diameter 700 x h 450 cm
design by the iDOGI Style Office.

Excellence is a matter of details

A unique and precious work designed and created to enhance the magnificence of the most exclusive salons.
The majestic creation, entirely hand-made with thousands of parts in crystal and artistic glass, gives the public an unprecedented show of plays on light and water which culminates in a central temple, and highest expression of the purest classicism.

The lotus flower symbolizes elegance, beauty, purity and grace.

Water, with its constant flow, expresses the becoming of Life itself.

The fountain thus represents a hymn to Life.

Water features in precious glass sculpture for the most extraordinary interiors.

An exalting of water, the source of life.