“Le Grand Bleu” Chandelier

Like the French movie of the same name, “Le Grand Bleu” is the story of a challenge.

That of combining the great tradition of Rezzonico-style Venetian chandeliers

with a statement total-blue look for a fresher, more contemporary approach.

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iDogi - MAU04711_LOW

"Endless" Architecture of light

The characteristic feature of the light staircase is “Endless”,

a precious crystal light column embellished with delicate

bevelled decorations and the most advanced lighting solutions.

iDogi - iDOGI_Endless luminous wall LOW (2)
iDogi - iDOGI_Endless Luminous Wall LOW
iDogi - iDOGI_Capriccio Ciandelier web (6)
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"Capriccio" Chandelier

In classical music, a Capriccio is a typical 17th century

composition with a cheerful, light-hearted character,

yet often complex and for virtuosos, like Paganini’s 24 capriccios,

or like the typical Venetian capriccios and rondos.

Fugues and cascades of notes alternate freely,

rather like the ‘tentacles’ of the namesake chandelier,

which seems almost to be playing capriccios too.

iDogi - iDOGI_Crystal Garden Planter WEB
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"Chronos" Luminous Planter

At the base of the staircase, reaching out towards the visitor and overflowing with life,

are the majestic Chronos luminous planters.

Perfect for fine interiors and also to add magic

to terraces and covered gardens.

iDOGI Salone del Mobile 2023
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"Scott" Chandelier and "Zelda" Collection

During their most passionate years of love, Zelda and Francis Scott Fitzgerald

best reflect the carefree, irresponsible, innocent,

and thirsty spirit of 1920s New York.

This attitude, as well as the literature,

inspired the new “Zelda” and “Scott” furniture collections,

which reinterpret the Art Deco vigor and the brilliant,

eclectic spirit of the Roaring Twenties in a modern idiom.

iDogi - Albero di Luce_photo by iDOGI
iDOGI_Albero di Luce Details

"Tree of Light"

On the occasion of the Venice Glass Week and the United Nations International Year of Glass,

iDOGI presents “Tree of Light”, a spectacular installation shining with light and magic to welcome all visitors to Murano and Venice.

The artwork will be unveiled on Saturday September 17 in front of the company’s furnace in Murano.

“Danza” -
“Le Muse” Collection

“Danza” is the vibrant luminous sculpture of the “Le Muse” Collection.

The monumental freestanding artwork is studded with Murano glass jewel-shoes.

It takes inspiration from Greek Mythology, and rises from the ground

capturing the eye with a joyful explosion of colour.

iDogi - Musa
iDogi - iDOGI_’Danza’ – ‘Le Muse’ Collection_Salone 2022 (3)

“Rhapsody in Blue” Chandelier

Like “Rhapsody in Blue”, the famous classic jazz masterpiece by George Gershwin,

this chandelier is a rich composition with a smooth and lightweight appearance.

iDogi - iDOGI_Rhapsody-in-Blue_Salone-2022
iDogi - iDOGI_Rhapsody-in-blue_Chandelier-(2)
iDogi - iDOGI_Saiph-Collection-+-Parthenon-Wall_Salone-2022-3

“Parthenon” Luminous Wall

iDOGI blends artistic glass with architecture.

The new luminous “Parthenon” system allows the creation of walls

and dividers to define spaces and light up your settings.

“Venere” Collection

“Venere” is divinely combined not only the most modern interiors but also with those industrial taste.
The extrem contrast between the setting and this luminous creation create a vibrant atmosphere,
the perfect meeting place among a millenary Venetian art and the modern style of New York of the 50s.

iDogi - iDOGI_Saiph-Collection_Salone-2022
iDogi - iDOGI_Saiph-Collection_Salone-2022-(1)
iDogi - iDOGI_Narciso-Collection_Salone-2022-(6)
iDogi - iDOGI_Narciso-Collection_Salone-2022-(2)

“Narciso” Collection

“Narciso Collection” comprises a twin chandelier with a coordinated luminous table.

Like the Greek legend of Narcissus, the designs warn us from reclining

in self-contemplation yet invite us to enjoy beauty.

Like a still water surface, the table top separates the coordinated luminous parts

making up the chandelier above, and the bases of the table below.

“Galassia” Showcase

“Galassia” is an elegant glass and crystal showcase inspired by outer space.

The vertical supporting structure sparkles with light like the trails of a rocket ship.

iDogi - iDOGI_Galassia-Showcase
iDogi - iDOGI_Bouton-d’Or_Medea_Salone-2022-(2)
iDogi - iDOGI_Dandelion_Medea_Salone-2022-(1)

“Bouton d’Or” and “Dandelion” Chandeliers

“Bouton d’Or” takes its inspiration from a “Buttercup” flower, symbol of purity and strength,

with a cosmic twist, while “Dandelion” blooms like a firework.

On look inspection, you discover they are made up of multiple elements

typical of Venetian glass art all exploded, magnified and repeated like in a kaleidoscope.

iDogi - iDOGI_Planetarium_Salone-2022-(1)
iDogi - iDOGI_Cigar_Medea-Salone-2022

“Planetarium” Chandelier and “Starfall ” Pendants

“Planetarium” is a bulbous chandelier that reminds us of an imaginary space city floating in the universe.

Its warm, enchanting light passes through the cups of blown artistic glass,

decorated with thin yet bold lines. “Planetarium” is accompanied by the totemic “Starfall” pendant lamp.

With its elongated glowing pieces in pure crystal, it creates a “frosted” effect rather like a falling star.