Sand, Fire
and Passion

iDOGI® was born and developed by blending several experiences: the ages-old tradition of the Murano glass-masters with the genius of creativity and love for beauty.
The result is a magic combination of passion and know-how, the perfect setting for making lighting dreams come true.

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iDogi - 50th Anniversary

Venetian Glass 
Since 1968

iDOGI® Lighting collections are the fullest expression of the Venetian tradition of glass crafting.
The Murano School has always been recognized worldwide for its excellence in this exclusive field.
For centuries, the secrets of this art have been passed down from generation to generation, bringing us masterpieces of artistic craftsmanship that are unique for their preciousness.


and custom-made

iDOGI® is specialized in making artistic glass-lighting creations for top luxury projects around the world.
Our 'oversize' chandeliers, floor- and wall-lamps, luminous tables, consolles, fountains and other masterpieces are individually handmade to the wishes of each client.

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Every single column is entirely handmade and it proves the obsessive care for detailing, expressing an uncompromising excellence.

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The “ROYAL PALACE” Fountain
a ‘world first’ in luxury interior design

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Fiori di Loto

joins together the highest values of Life.
Water, with its constant flux, is the expression of becoming of life itself.
The Lotus flower symbolizes elegance, beauty, perfection, purity and grace.
Hymn to life.

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