About us

Since 1968, iDOGI, an Italian company based in Venice has defied the impossible by creating majestic works of art in the world of lighting.

Highly skilled artisans and designers work together as a team with international architects and interior designers to create precious masterpieces for the most exclusive customers all over the world. The iDOGI vision is to bring unparalleled artistry into each creation – equivalent to Haute Couture.

Excellence, tradition and innovation are made into art.

handmade creations glass

Hand made creations

It is a matter of essence: the artist’s touch which makes his work unique. Master Italian craftmanship at the service of excellence.

project study

Project study

Our designers give customers
the opportunity to explore
the possibilities that
bespoke design allows.
Our skilled craftspeople work
to fashion a one-of-a-kind creation,
truly authentic, just as you are.


Our passion and care for our creations go beyond delivery and installation.
We will assist you always, at any time that you need us.
So that your dreams of Crystal and Light may be exactly as you imagined, an everlasting reality.

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