Unique Luxury Dreams

iDOGI® was established in Venice in 1968 as a family craft workshop and company.


Now, we are known as the “Luxury Brand” for precious artistic crystal and light creations.

We make extraordinary items and see our products as the ambassadors of Italian Excellence around the world.


Located in the Industrial Area of mainland Venice, our 6.500 sq. m. premises allows us to create true oversized chandeliers and have ideal spaces for our showrooms and departments: production, management, accountancy, marketing and commercial department.


Glass Gallery

Interior designers, architects and clients can easily visit our spacious Glass Gallery to see the products for themselves and study all the details for their projects.

Behind the scenes

The project study

Our works are found in private residences, palaces, villas, luxury hotels, resorts and yachts.
Requiring energy and competences of the architects and interior designers, once completed they are wonders to behold. In luxury settings, the iDOGI® masterpieces express pure luxury for their uniqueness for being tailored to the tastes of every customer. iDOGI® provide the designers with technical knowledge and then skilled staff to assist them during the design, creation and installation of the items – an all-round service.
They can study and recommend the main features of the chandeliers, their sizes, structures and details.

Design Consultation

We assist interior design studios in optimizing their lighting designs, offering our experience in the specific field of high-end interior lighting.
A full range of aesthetic criteria are considered to ensure the creations are beautifully finished; from the models to sizes and colours, everything is considered in order to enhance the settings where architecture, furnishings and accessories must be perfectly coordinated to create the desired elegant and refined atmosphere.


Once all the elements have been defined, the production department will start the new creation, which will be handmade throughout.
The excellence of Italian craftsmanship brought into being by masterful hands.


Whether by land, sea or air and irrespective of carrier, suitable packaging guarantees the perfect protection of each precious item.
Once assembled, electrified and checked, the chandeliers are disassembled and packed piece-by-piece, ready for shipping to their final destination.


iDOGI® offers the installation service by sending specialized technicians on-site to coordinate the installation of the chandeliers worldwide.