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Details murano glass

Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail

Leonardo Da Vinci

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Venice, the Serenissima.

Venice is the magical place where we were born and raised. And where we learned to work with glass. We are inspired by every corner of her beauty, and we celebrate it by creating and exporting, all over the world, unique pieces that tell the story of a sea-connected city, a city with no borders. Our Venice.


We love the challenge of large dimensions. We make chandeliers, fountains, luminous tables with thousands of pieces – all handmade and then put together with never-ending care.


A dream come true: we listen to the wishes of our customers, transform them into precious materials until a work of art is achieved. Always unique.

handmade luxury glass
Oversize candeliers murano glass

Luxury. Far from glamour, we evoke emotions.

Venezia glass murano
oversized chandeliers murano glass

Oversized Chandeliers

Oversized chandeliers that captivate and give unique character to refined and lavish interior spaces.

handmade murano glass table


Murano glass tables, crystal tables, handmade glass tables, italian glass dining table iDOGI handmade glass tables bestow exceptional elegance to the most luxurious of living spaces.

Luminous wall murano glass

Luminous Walls

Artistic crystal and glass structures to embellish and delineate unique spaces. From design to development, these magnificent creations are produced entirely inhouse by iDOGI artisans.

Fountains glass


An elegant spectacle of light, water, and colours flows from these artistic crystal and glass creations. iDOGI’s impeccable attention to detail shines through in the ultimate symbol of luxury crystal furniture for the most exclusive of locations.

balustrade murano glass


Stunning refractions of light emanate from these artistic crystal creations that express iDOGI’s uncompromising excellence. Each handmade column is a work of art in itself and together they create a masterpiece of luxury.