About us

iDOGI® is an Italian company founded in 1968 in Venice, specialized in the realization of oversize artistic chandeliers, luminous tables and other special artistic creations (fountains, sofas, vanities and – World Premiere at Salone del Mobile. Milano 2018 – baluster with luminous columns in pure crystal) to adorn the top luxury palaces and mansions around the world.
Unique masterpieces, fully hand-made, designed and produced as a team with the most prestigious architects and designers.
IDOGI® has always stood out for its first vocation to make extraordinary and majestic furnishing items. Today, its exclusive creations receive worldwide acclaim by strikingly bringing together ancient local glassmaking traditions with a creative drive for making beauty in its most varied forms.
The iconic extra-large chandeliers are composed by thousands of Murano blown glass elements, clear and polychrome.
During the production process many of the pieces are decorated with 24K gold leaf melted into the glass: this enriches them with warm and precious reflections.
It starts out with an attentive study of the space in which the creation will be housed, taking into consideration all the aspects of the project with particular care to the tastes and wishes of the Clients. Models, sizes, colors…everything is considered to enhance the settings where architecture, furnishings and accessories must be perfectly coordinated to create elegant and refined atmospheres.
Murano blown glass, cut crystal, precious metals and semi-precious stones, hand-made details with 24K gold leaves; true masterpieces that express the invaluable “Made in Italy” label as the timeless symbol and guarantee of taste and style.
Over 95% of IDOGI® i “works of light art” are exported all over the world.
Luxurious chandeliers have been installed in pride of place in New Delhi’s Leela Palace and Imperial Hotel, along with other prestigious items for residences in other countries, where the richness of the materials and superb manufacturing quality have gained unanimous appreciation, like in old times.
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