Petrov Ruslan the winner of iDOGI Design Award

25th February in Almaty – Kazakhstan, iDOGI Design Award’s ceremony. The winner is Petrov Ruslan, student at University of KazGASA.
We started an exciting partnership with the University of KazGasa to enhance the young designers and give them the opportunity to create a new concept of luxury lighting.
The theme of the competition was to create a modular chandelier, made with materials and elements peculiar to the classical style.
All the projects devised by these young people have an indescribable soul and passion, fundamental features to face up the design world.
The result that has emerged is the spirit of collaboration that has been established between our company and the University, creating a winning synergy.
We wish to express our heartfelt thanks to:
Dr. Salvatore Parano – Director of ICE
Mr. Bessimbaev Erik Turashevich – Vice President of KazGASA
Dr Lyazzat Nurkusheva – The Head of Industrial Design of KazGASA Academy and
Abilova Batzhamal – Director of the Scientific center.

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