Tadao Ando and Yuzo Yagi were awarded with a work of art by iDOGI.

Tadao Ando and Yuzo Yagi have been awarded in Venice by the Italy-Japan foundation with a work of art by iDOGI.
The Ambassador Umberto Vattani, President of the Italy-Japan Foundation, gave out the prestigious award to Tadao Ando, being “architect, thanks to his extraordinary talent, of wonderful and memorable monuments in Italy” and also to Yuzo Yagi, fashion entrepreneur, “illustrious patron that brought the Cestia pyramid of Rome to his old majesty”. The prize, realised by iDOGI and offspring of the creativity of its president Domenico Caminiti, it’s a valuable plate of red Murano blown glass with a gold leaf 24K; it testifies the strong bond between Venice and Japan. It represents the red rising sun of Nisshoki, the Japanese flag, on a white marble base.
Congratulations to the winners for the prestigious award.

Prize for Tadao Ando by iDOGI - Japan week in Venice