iDOGI 50th Anniversary (1968-2018) – a fascinating family history

iDogi - 50th Anniversary
iDOGI® was founded in 1968 in Venice by Francesca Macor, mother of the current president, Domenico Caminiti, as a craft company that decorated and finished valuable Murano glass items.
When deciding on the name of the new venture, Francesca and her husband Antonio decided to dedicate it to their two young sons. The first letters of their names – DOmenico and GIuseppe – were used to form “DOGI”.  By fortuitous coincidence, the name in Italian means “Doges”, or the elected heads of Venice’s Serenissima Republic from 697 to 1797.
Thus, the name was and is just perfect for a company with such close ties to Venice, the lagoon and traditional craft works.
The company’s result were promising from the outset and it works received much acclaim for their quality and excellence, also for the courage expressed in creating increasingly original items.
In 1968, Francesca and Antonio decided to protect the DOGI® brand by registering it for the first time with the patents and trademarks office in Rome.
More recently, in 2012, Domenico Caminiti purchased Industria Veneziana Lampadari, historical company specialized in making refined chandeliers and which was also destined for renown and appreciation.
The union of these two companies has given further momentum to iDOGI®, projecting it to ever more ambitious goals in the international arena.
iDOGI® is today famous in the world for its designing and creating exclusive artistic chandeliers, extra-large luminous tables and other special creations, fully handmade, to adorn the world’s most prestigious residences and locations.
1968-2018: a wonderful story of half a century of passion, creativity and excellence.
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